15 Video cara buat website free

Cara buat website free

Cara buat website free telah saya bincang dalam entry post sebelum ini dalam cara membuat laman web percuma. Cara buat website free bermaksud anda nak buat website yang free tanpa bayaran atau maklumat senarai website free. Cara membuat website free ada beberapa perkara yang kita perlu tahu.  Kalau website free kita cuma tumpang saja website kita pada sesuatu server. Server tu adalah macam harddisk yang boleh kita simpan data. Cuma biasanya server percuma ini indah khabar dari rupa. Paling menyedihkan setelah kita  bersusah payah mendapat trafik ke blog kita, mereka akan kata website anda telah melanggar syarat-syarat yang mereka telah tetapkan.  Akaun dibekukan atau dibatalkan.  Tidak sedihkah pemilik website tersebut? Menangis pun tidak guna kerana website bukan kita yang berkuasa seratus peratus. Kesimpulannya jangan guna server percuma untuk website kita.

Video cara buat website free


Pilihan yang kita ada untuk membuat website free adalah menggunakan web 2.0. Web 2.0 mana yang nak kita gunakan. Pilihan adalah terletak di tangan anda.

1. Cara buat website free – blogger.com
How to create your own blog for free. Use a blog to direct people to your other sites like myspace, youtube, soundclick, etc. Promote your self and your work. Talk about what interests you. A blog is a great way to establish your presence on the internet

2. Cara buat website free webs.com

This is a video tutorial on how to create a 100% free website at webs.com

3. Cara buat website free weebly.com
How To Make A website On Weebly.com

  1. www.hpage.com

4. Cara buat website free Tutorials : How To Make A Website
Link Down Below : Hpage : bit.ly

  1. www.wix.com

5. Cara buat website free Wix.com

When building a website with Wix.com website builder there are few things to bear in mind in order to avoid mistakes. Learn about the common mistakes of users and avoid them. Start building your own website using Wix.com now!

  1. www.webnode.com

6. Cara buat website free Webnode.com

Webnode is a powerful on-line website builder that gives you 24-hour access to feature rich publishing with just a browser and internet access. Try it now with live demo at www.webnode.com

7.  Cara buat website free WebStarts.com


  1. Make a free website with webstarts.com. WebStarts is everything you need to build and maintain your own website. WebStarts provides you with a free website, free web address, free hosting, and free web design tools.

8. Cara buat website free jimdo com
How to make your website with jimdo com free nice easy simple free and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9. Cara buat website free ( www.yola.com )
go to yola.com

  1. www.ucoz.com

10. Cara buat website free ucoz.com
Hey guys geektechtutorial here and in this tutorial I show you how to create a free website. Link to website: www.ucoz.com


11. Cara buat website free MoonFruit Site (Better than FreeWebs.com!)
how to make a website with Moonfruit.com


12.   Cara buat website free 350pages – Auto-Format Website Builder (www.350.com)

www.350.com How to create a website easily and quickly – demo of the auto-format templates. Perfect for your business, club or personal use the 350pages website builder has customizable professionally designed templates, unique customizable graphics, photo editor, photo galleries with a slideshow and e-commerce. Drag and drop objects anywhere on the page to create your own layout. Includes free web hosting. Fast, easy way to create a website The online 350 website builder is easy to use – you can create a website and edit your webpages from anywhere in the world at any time. 350pages has a free website builder, a Lite website builder and a full version with lots more features to create a website. Make aWebsite quickly and easily with our Web Site Builder ·Create a free website in minutes with the fully customizable graphics for buttons and headings and rotating graphical text. ·350pages web site builder has hundreds of professionally designed website templates and different webpage layouts which contain objects that can be customized, resized, dragged and dropped anywhere on the page. ·Create a free website in minutes, simply select the design, layout and webpage names. ·350pages free web site builder includes a comprehensive photo editor. ·350pages website builder will build a photo album automatically. ·350pages website builder has thumbnail images that link out to larger images and a slideshow. ·350pages web site builder has a photo uploader that compresses files upon


13.  Cara buat website free SPRUZ
SUB 4 SUB RATE, COMMENT latestgamereviews4u.spruz.com


14.  Cara buat website free webspawner.com
My page:www.webspawner.com Webspawner:tools.webspawner.com

  1. 15. Cara buat website free homestead.com
    Learn how to build a website in minutes. Free trial and awesome templates!


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  1. Erika
    June 7, 2012 | 3:22 am

    Well, i’d rather enjoy the fun of manikg the site with a line of code.. I’m not saying this video isen’t good or the Flash maker. I m just saying that it kinda ruins the fun and effort in manikg a website i mean look at all the best sites out there they are not made in flash players.

  2. Azrai
    July 17, 2012 | 1:41 pm

    For to website…tq

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