Bina borang percuma

Bagaimana Bina borang percuma

Borang Pesanan pelanggan adalah nyawa kepada perniagaan anda. Kalau tidak ada borang pesanan maka bagaimana pelanggan nak membuat tempahan. Banyak cara boleh kita guna.

excel – Bina Borang Percuma

Bina borang percuma

Microsoft Excel Help : How to Make a Form in Excel
Making a form in Excel is possible by going to the Data menu, clicking on Form and entering in the desired information. Create simple forms with Excel with tips from an experienced Excel user in this free video on computer software. Expert: Tonya Mason Bio: Tonya Mason is an adjunct instructor and audio video equipment manager at a college in Cincinnati, Ohio. Filmmaker: Chris Hamberg


Create a Contact Form / Page for your website, PHP Script Dreamweaver Tutorial

Create and Validate the form are bellow. How to create a contact form in Dreamweaver using a PHP script to send the form to your own personal email account. When a message is sent the contact page contacts this PHP script, its here all our Email details are stored and we tell the Scrip exactly how we want the message to appear and to where we want it sent {your personal email account}. Create the form Validate the form :; Be sure and drop by the website

Online Order Management

Online Order Management


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