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0:01hello and welcome to keyword canine dot com in this short video minute walk you
0:05through the system and see just how powerful cure can really is
0:09now if you see one of our previous videos you might want to watch this
0:12winter because we have added new data am in a row is improving on the previous
0:15tools that we’ve had for a while
0:18i’m so let’s go ahead despite their four different modules inky work and we’re
0:21going to start off with the mixes the nets finder
0:23until the next discovery tool as you can see right here
0:26and then obviously reddaway sears for different markets that we admits isn’t
0:31so if you click any one of these
0:32will pull up a whole new set of niches in that language in in that market says
0:37you can see a heckler germany says about adored shanna phrases right here
0:41we’ll go back to the u_s_
0:45and you can see we found four thousand eight hundred fifty seven eighths’s in
0:48the last thirty days and that’s very important because that reduces over
0:51saturation we don’t want it has to be saturated you know we don’t want you to
0:55pick a nation and find out that there is you know hundred other people targeting
0:58so after thirty days uh…
1:01every niches dropped out because it’s no longer in our database it’s gone like it
1:05was never there
1:06and then we’re always finding images as by every minute or two if you were for a
1:09refresh the page
1:11you see another one to three minutes to show up so we’re always going out and
1:14finding new niches
1:16and and placing them here so everytime you login does not mean images to choose
1:20from right here
1:21you can also filter combine all of these different
1:24com points right here so if you want to find only easy phrases
1:28and let’s see if you had sent so
1:30with at least two seventy percent advertiser competition to make sure
1:32there’s plenty of ads said to display on your site click filter
1:36and as you can see at three hundred and forty eight different answers to choose
1:41that fit that criteria and like i said you couldn’t choose all of these
1:44different data points to filter down to
1:46so as you can see the necessary over this
1:48next discovery tool to use me
1:50itself is extremely valuable am a great way to find just killer niches amader
1:56profitable and i get searched
1:58okay so that’s that’s discovery tool
2:01now let’s go onto the analyzed tool
2:03and the purpose of this is the quickly and easily find out whether phrases were
2:07targeting enacted
2:09you know to find out whether
2:10it will be easy to get ranked in the search engines or hard
2:13and we have a complex algorithm the back and that determines that so
2:17of the first let me quickly just show this right here we’re not going to go
2:20into this in a demo finally time is valuable something to try to make this
2:23as quick as possible
2:25this is basically the same as this
2:27the only difference is this pulls some related keywords or another idea this
2:30time this is the site exploring this is basically a light version of the
2:34backlinks reports which were being
2:35going to demo in just a minute as well
2:37saw skip that for this demonstration let’s go ahead
2:40and do one here so discount bmw parts will give it a few seconds to load
2:45and as he has his art
2:47lines of dada there or pulling up for you right here that you have to
2:50you’re gonna have this data for any keyword phrase you want to stick in
2:53there so it’s not only keywords that you find in the midst discovery tool
2:56he’s taken a keyword phrase you want him and find all this data for it
3:01and you can analyze your top ten competitors
3:03find anchor text breakdowns for all of this u_s_ phrases they’re targeting to
3:07see how easy or hard it would be to rank four
3:10uh… social media signals right here
3:13you know if you see a bunch of zeros as and as you do in this case that tells
3:16you that if you do a little social media marketing that’ll give you a boost in
3:19the rankings probably andrew ending are looking at that more than ever
3:23we also give you a baffling breakdown
3:25or your
3:26top ten competitors to see what kind of backlinks they’re dealing with
3:29and see if they’re in the thousands or hundreds or just you know a few
3:34we show you all kinds of data for the keyword phrase up here
3:38nine and with her all these little data points but some of them are extremely
3:42uh… we show you the top-level domain availability so
3:46um obviously you know if you get a domain with the exact phrase in it it’s
3:49going to give you a nice jump in the search engines especially if it’s a long
3:53tell phrase
3:54i’m which is what i always target with my sites
3:56so you can see in this case therefore different top-level domain an exact
4:00match domains available
4:02this rated changes depending on the country cheese we need to urinalysis
4:05i’ll use the united states for this
4:07photos germany for example
4:10it would look at dot d_n_c_ if that was available
4:14we show you got out directly from the google adwords a_p_ i’d say you know
4:17this is an accurate
4:19and and this is exactly that same monthly search volume so don’t discount
4:23elo exact match such monthly certified because that’s not counting related
4:27phrase it setter
4:28that a lot of times are good traffic with
4:30and i do have several websites that bring in a recurring income every single
4:34month to have a blessed monthly search volume than that so
4:37never discount a low monthly search for that as long as i had some
4:41and the cost per click advertiser competition very important if you had
4:45sent sites
4:46and you can explore all of this data vfc csd n_t_s_v_
4:50right here
4:52um… that you know the most important dot on this whole page to me
4:56when im creating new sites is this right here we have a complex at rhythm in the
4:59back and that determines there’s that looks at all kinds of different data
5:03including a lot of this
5:04to tell you whether it’s easy or hard so a lot of our users just look at this and
5:08ignore all the rest
5:09this is all i look at when i’m creating decides this is a very accurate
5:13now one hundred percent accurate nothing is in the n_f_c_ obits
5:16pretty accurate uh…
5:18our case studies were released when we first open to retain and are testament
5:21to that because that’s all we looked at when we decided whether or not targeted
5:25nature not and a lot of those sites in the top ten very quickly
5:29so as you can see this is a very very
5:33powerful and valuable
5:35tual to add on to limits finer and all the other modules so
5:39let’s go ahead and get into the backlinks reports
5:42now that we’ve gone through the keyword analysis
5:44and that is the third module
5:47and we’re going to go ahead and
5:49view report here
5:51and as you can see you get the
5:54all kinds of daddy he gave a number of backlinks
5:56and this is the number that shown we don’t show all of the backlinks here
6:00humbly only show what we think are important
6:02we show
6:04the total number
6:05uh… for your backlinks sizing see their one hundred
6:08or one thousand two hundred for an links from two hundred sixty four domains that
6:11means two hundred sixty four domains
6:13have more than one back point pointing to the website
6:17that and that’s how you get the total number here
6:19and this is for the deaths page links up eight sites is that
6:22specific page only that page not any of the internal pages of it
6:27so that’s how many backlinks are pointing to just that
6:30the site links of the number of backlinks pointing to the page plus all
6:34internal pages so that’s how many backlinks appointee
6:37any page on the internet
6:39that has this as the rebuilding
6:41okay so that’s that’s been page into silence very useful data right there
6:46and also we show the unique classy i_t_n_ the percentage
6:49so of all these backlinks
6:52fifty eight percent of them on separate
6:55unique c-class psyches and that’s very important especially after the google
6:59to notice you want to diverse a fighter backlinks profile as much as possible
7:03and that also that includes
7:06making sure they each of your back links are on different c-class i pisa makes
7:09him look more natural google doesn’t like to see a bunch of
7:12uh… backlinks all coming from the same servers because
7:16could very likely be your
7:19and this is actually a fairly low number fifty eight percent something if i need
7:23to work on this is my website i need to work on increasing their
7:27and getting more backlinks from different sources
7:30and we also showed dodi aman dot gov
7:33how many back once you have a those which is very important in a dot denied
7:37of are typically pretty powerful backlinks l
7:40so i was good to get as many of those as possible i have a couple dot e_d_u_
7:44uh… zero gathers or the hardest to get
7:48but it’s it’s not nice to know that you can also stick in your competitors you
7:52are a lot of fun at all this information was very cool as well
7:55blanket x breakdown which also again very important to me that recent google
8:00that you’d ever sify your anchor text very important
8:03and so if you have you know ninety percent of your anchor text is one
8:06keyword and that’s that’s a problem these days that’s a big problem so you
8:10wanna divers a value when he is more than just your main you know phrase that
8:14you wanna rank for you on that end
8:16some different variations of it center
8:18patron breakdown mam of your whole website rather
8:22and then we also tell you how many of your back links are indexed and how many
8:25are not index and then we also provide an option
8:28to actually get those backlinks index through back link index there dot com
8:32and you can sign up for an account there give you a p_i_ ke stick and then just
8:36click a button
8:37and get all of you back links that are not indexed index that’s a very powerful
8:40tool right there
8:42we also show you a breakdown of the no following do follows of your backlinks
8:45no follows obviously are not counted
8:48uh… by google or being maiden or no follow so there’s no s_c_o_ value to
8:52them so i have thirty six of them
8:54and i’m not going to help me but two hundred sixteen are going to have me so
8:57that’s good
8:58when we show a bunch of your backlinks and we show some of that related data
9:02including the anchor text which is very cool
9:04to see each one of your individual backlinks an actual anchor text that
9:08that back link is using that’s very neat
9:11and then we show the back link breakdown for each one of your backlinks
9:16you know obviously there’s all kinds of uh… uh…
9:19data and information here that you can use for just all different kinds of
9:22things but it’s extremely valuable especially
9:25after the google updates
9:27so that’s the back link report spam in the next thing hand last
9:32freely everyone loves free links
9:34and so if you click on the boost module
9:37when she logged into your account
9:39this is waiting to see her again this is basically free backlinks
9:42and these are backlinks coming from web directories right now in the future when
9:46to be adding in more social bookmarks etcetera etcetera
9:49for now it’s just web directory of the web directories are still very powerful
9:53as long as you make sitting with some other types of backlinks other backlinks
9:57do not rely dissed on this boost boost service for your backlinks you don’t
10:01want to rely on one type of
10:03backlinks source for any have your issue
10:06uh… campaigns
10:07um… so i wanna make that very clear do not rely on this do not rely on anyone
10:12backlinks source but
10:14as long as you doing some other backlinks as well
10:17adding in a site boost is that will help you very much
10:20i’m web directors are still continue to be one of the better comeback link
10:24sources of as long as he makes it in with others
10:27so it’s very quickly is there near cite your l uh… soft pre-summit spy a
10:32and in your your health site i’ll make sure this is the phrase you wanna rank
10:35for descriptions and tags as some related keywords
10:38categories urine and you can use a fake peanut m m if you want it doesn’t matter
10:42and a real email just because you will get some confirmation emails not all of
10:46the directory send them but some do
10:49so that’s pretty much it for the cyber service i meant that those are four
10:52modules within keyword canine
10:55and were always adding new modules were always adding new data points were
10:58always improving on the current dad and the current features we have
11:03so you know every time we open the doors
11:06weights are bits are gold summing him to make keyword canine
11:10better than it was the last time so
11:12and you can bank on the fact that you work and it’s going to be better you
11:16know every week every month it’s going to be better
11:18so you know if you haven’t already click the buy now button next to this video
11:22we’d love to have you inside
11:24uh… very exciting service a lot of people are getting a lot of value a lot
11:27of high rankings
11:30and making more money as a result of iso
11:32if you had already put the buy now button next to this video we’d love to
11:35see inside
11:36if you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact us
11:39were always available
11:41to answer any questions at all

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