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Mungkin anda salah seorang yang mencari apakah Keyword Tool Terbaik Di Pasaran.   Saya telah mencuba banyak tool di pasaran yang berbayar dan tidak berbayar.  Tool yang saya miliki keyword tool dan menggunakan tool  seperti dibawah:-

  1. Micro Niche Finder, 

  2. Bing Keyword Research Tool, 

  3. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

  4. KeywordXP

  5. Keyword Optimizer Pro 2

  6. AK Elite

  7. Traffic Travis V4

  8. Ubersuggest

  9. Soovle


Niat saya bukan nak buat promosi tool ini, tapi ia terlalu bagus untuk saya.  Saya nak kongsikan sikit tentang tool ini.  Kalau anda percaya saya anda kena register free dulu.


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Berita Baik , anda tidak payah beli dulu. Anda cuba ada 10 hari untuk mencuba produk keyword tool power ini,

Apa kata TOP IM Dunia


Thanks I love the program! I vouch for the power of it, best product I bought in years….I haven’t used Market Samurai in months but don’t tell them that!

Brett Burky –

We’ve found Long Tail Pro to be the most effective keyword tool at delivering the golden nugget keywords we need to continue to build out our sites for profit. We strongly encourage you to pick up this tool today.

Justin Cooke and Joseph


Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research and blogging idea tool I’ve ever seen. This software has gotten me really, really excited and it’s a perfect tool for businesses serious about content marketing.

Marcus Sheridan


I’m a fan of Long Tail Pro! It’s a powerful keyword research tool that I’ve used and am very impressed by. I definitely recommend Long Tail Pro.

Pat Flynn


Before Platinum, Long Tail Pro still got the job done. But now that it has a Keyword Difficulty metric (the only accurate one I’ve honestly been able to find…), it’s surpassed my expectations for a software app and it’s really taken my niche research to the next level.

Jon Cooper, Point Blank SEO (

The new features of LTP Platinum are a great addition to an already complete tool. The ability to have an objective score that compares different keywords is invaluable in niche selection. Now I can quickly determine which keyword will be easier to rank for without using all those pesky spreadsheets!”

 Joe Magnotti

Long Tail Pro has become a major cornerstone to how I perform keyword research for my publishing business. So far the Platinum version has delivered. The time and effort to discover new solid keywords has been reduced yet again.

Nathan Gustafson

I’ve been building websites for several years now and cannot believe how since using Long Tail Pro it has changed the way I do business. I use it to choose domain names, long tail keywords to use on pages and in naming the navigation pages. Plus I now know how to take on the competition or my client’s competition. This powerful software takes marketing a business website to a whole new level!

Nigel Rawlins; owner 13th Beach Marketing Services Pty Ltd, Australia,

Thank you for creating the invaluable Long Tail Pro. I use it almost daily to research domain name concepts and especially for a lesser known purpose–I like to use Long Tail Pro to do keyword research for pages and page content. As you know LTP helps us all in the struggle against the Google Gods and their “minor weather updates” which are destroying small business opportunities. Thank you for helping keep us viable with Long Tail Pro.

Chris Eller

I’m really liking the new features in Long Tail Platinum. The keyword competitiveness formula is a great addition and saves me so much time. Long Tail Pro is the only keyword research tool I use! Cheers


First off, I love the product. I spent a lot of time comparing LTP to Market Samurai and what sold me was your ideas and thoughts on finding niche keywords. I love the average KC [in Platinum]. I can eliminate overly-competitive keywords without going through them one-by-one.

Bill Rini

I tried the long tail platinum versions, and I think it’s excellent. With the option to measure the competition is very easy to find keywords for positioning. This saves time.

 Arvey Guevara

I am loving Long Tail Pro! I am experimenting with some niche sites, but also for content creation for my main site. I have even been able to use it at work to help my clients in a very competitive Insurance industry.

 Tony Elam

Just one word to describe my feeling when I got my hand on Long Tail Platinum: AWESOME! The new Keyword Competitiveness Calculation feature is exactly what I need and have been waiting for this for a long time. The working speed of this new version is extremely fast, which is great, because time is money and nobody wants to spend hours waiting for results. I even ran a speed test for LTP and MS (which was a very good keyword research tool) and the result was impressed: LTP took only 2:58 minutes to generate a list of 2847 potential keywords from 5 seed keywords. The cool thing is that you dont have to click on another button to gather further information like avg. CPC, Searches, Adword Competition and domain availability because the task is done. MS took 10:48 minutes and 2 steps to generate 800 keywords with information, but I still had to spend some additional minutes to check domain availability for EACH keyword. Very time consuming! And, a big thank to Spencer, I’m building a new website targeting a gold nugget keyword with over 5000 searches hehe.. LTP rocks! ” –

 Tung Tran,

I’ve been using LTP since it came out and with very positive results. The program is regularly updated and Spencer and his team are very responsive to questions.”


As a lawyer who does his own keyword research in one of the most competitive markets, time truly is money. I used Market Samurai for all of my keyword research until I came across Spencer’s blog and Longtail Pro. I downloaded the software and was instantly surprised at how fast it was. I was immediately able to cut my research time in half. At first I used Longtail Pro to generate my keywords and do a quick analysis before importing the best words into Market Samurai for a competition analysis. For about a year I was using both programs and capitalizing on the strength of each. Then came along Long tail Platinum. Long tail Platinum adds a number of features, but most valuable to me is Spencer’s Keyword Competitiveness score. I was immediately able to replace my own (subpar) competitiveness formula with Spencer’s, saving me even more time since the program calculates it rather than my Excel spreadsheet. In my first day of use Longtail Platinum helped me find a valuable key term that had virtually no competition. Needless to say, I was very happy. Though I hate paying for software that has recurring fees, the value provided by Longtail Platinum dwarfs the monthly cost of the software and I will be happy to pay for my subscription for years to come. P.S. Spencer has been amazingly responsive to any questions I have had about the software, which is more than I can say about most companies I deal with.

 J. Andrew Brabender IV Brabender & Chiang, LLC

Thanks for Long Tail Platinum! I own Market Samurai and found LTP easier to use with great success finding high value URLs. Keep up the good work.

 Stephen Navazio

“I’ve already found a few promising keywords today with this amazing software! My favorite part of this software is its ability to come up with relevant keyword ideas and check domain availability at the same time. That helped me make the decision to buy Long Tail Pro. I also like multiple seed keywords and custom filters. It really saves me a lot of time and effort when I’m doing keyword research.”

Lance Gross

As for the LTP software, It’s accelerated my research and I can’t see how I functioned with out it. Thanks again for the work on that front as well.”

Steve Eason –

“I’ve spent about 5 hours over the past few days using the Longtail Pro software. It’s really incredible and blows Market Samurai away!”

Steve Roy –

So I just bought the Long Tail Platinum Program and man I can’t believe how much quicker and easier this has made my life already!

Nic Coventry – St. Clair, MI

“Well, I did go ahead and buy the program based on our conversation. Having tested it over the past few days, I couldnt have been happier. I already had Market Samurai but since I got LTP, I have not opened MS once. LTP gives me a simple but 100% functional interface and saves me so much time! In the past few days, I have been able to find some great keywords (atleast IMHO). Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for developing the software.

I was happy with MS until I used LTP!”

Abhimanyu Sabnis

“I can testify that Long Tail Pro rocks, been using it for several days now and I love it. Efficient, fast, and accurate keyword research tool.”

Ronny Westerberg

“I have launched 10 websites in the last week using your software! Your site is by far the best no BS site bout niche marketing I’ve ever seen, and combined with Long Tail Pro (I tried all of the others – thank goodness for money back guarantees), it’s clarified a lot of what we’re doing, and made things MUCH quicker.

Oh, and those ten sites we launched are already ranking on either page one of google for their keywords, or the top of page two, all within 36 hours of launch, with no backlinks. Thanks largely to Longtail pro. Keep up the good work!”

Nathan Hartnett

“I just wanted to say that the software is helping me out a lot! Last month I bought a handful of sites and some of them are already making $1 per day. For this young of a site I have never experienced this before. Thanks!”

Adam S.

“Spencer, thanks for such an awesome tool! Keyword research was SUCH a DRAG before I got my hands on Long Tail Pro beta in July. I have 7 sites up so far and will have at least 10 up by end of this month thanks to LTP. Two of the sites I created made money within the first 2 weeks and have great potential for growth — thanks again!”

Shae Bynes –

“Just purchases LTP and applied for your affiliate program. Within the ten day trial I was able to identify a keyword with nearly 2K searches with a .org domain available. In fact, the domain ranks #9 as of this morning already.”

Nick LeRoy – Minneapolis, MN

“Just wanted to chime in and tell anyone who is on the fence about this to grab your copy now. I bought it yesterday and have been studying the results ever since…even though I already have over 100 sites online, I see infinite possibilities for finding the right complementary keyword combinations to add more content to my sites, so this is not just a tool for setting up niche sites alone. Well done, Spencer.”

Tammy J.

“The tool works amazing. Already got 920 plus keywords and 6 domains. Looks like your software will make me spend more on domains now. But thats good.

Longtail pro is certainly the best tool I have used to date and I have used most of the tool that exists in the market, right from Micro Niche Finder to Market Samurai to Wordtracker, but this is the best. So fast. Love it.”

Natasha J.

“Actually I decided I didn’t want to waste my time with micro niche finder any more so I just bought long tail pro the other day. So far I have found 6 different keywords and I bought all 6 exact match domains. Right now I have 1 main article on them and 1 post. I like your software A LOT MORE than MNF and Market Samurai!”

Adam S.

“I have bought the Long Tail Pro software and all I can say is AWESOME!

Michael H.

“Just purchased your Long Tailed Pro software about 2 days ago. Very neat piece of software, what the software does in 10 minutes can literally save me up to 2 hours of work!”

Darren D.

“Just bought and test run this for a while and I can say that you will struggle to find better value for money in the keyword tool research area. Anyone who values their own time in $ as one should will make this money back in no time. Its super fast and efficient compared to Market Samurai and Google adwords tool. MS feels slow & clunky compared to this tool which feels user friendly and fast!

The super fast check competition tab is worth the money right there. Great work Spencer keep it up!”


“Just so everybody knows, I bought 6 domains in the beginning of September and all 6 of them are now on the first page of Google and some are even at #1 without any link building whatsoever.

If you haven’t already bought this great software then I would highly recommend it, it works like nothing else out there.”


“Just to add to the positive comments .. LTP is a great tool and easy to use .. also any updates needed after Google changes things happen pretty promptly. I used to use Market Samurai but it’s remained unopened since I bought Long Tail Pro. Found some great keywords and many sites just outside page 1 so I need to actually do something, anything to get some backlinks which I’ve never bothered with because I’m too lazy :-)”


“Spencer, I love your program. Compared to marked samurai it’s ten times faster. In half an hour I found 3 niches, unbelievable.

Thanks very much for this fantastic piece of software.”

Sander Noorman – Netherlands

“I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that your Long Tail Pro software is AMAZING! I don’t know how I worked without it before. It is much better than Micro Niche Finder or Market Samurai. Thank you!

Mike Thomas –

“Love the software. It saved me money the first day I got it. I thought I had found a few keywords that were going to work but after watching your tutorial video I realized I was doing my research incorrectly. I was using BROAD search instead of EXACT. I would have bought 3-4 domains that would have been losers. So in the end the software will end up saving me money. In my mind it paid for itself!”

Mike F.

“I found some great ‘gold’ keywords (10 out of 200 searched) with Long Tail Pro that would have taken me a couple days instead of a couple of hours. I use to do all of my keyword research manually with a lot of free site investigating to get it all done. My son loves it too..I can always get my money back , but I can never get back the time…Thanks you sooooo much for Long Tail Pro. It has saved me time, money, energy and stress and is making me more money. I was going to get Market Samurai, but it was too complicated for non-techi people like me. The learning curve was a little too much. Long Tail Pro is so easy, even a kid can do it.

Thanks Spencer…you’re the best”

Elon Bomani, TX

“Luv it! I’ve been part of the beta testers of LTP and I must say that this is a great program if you really value your time. The program is fast and effective and I have actually started several websites (which are already earning a few dollars here and there…) based on keyword research done using this program. 2 thumbs up!”

Paolo of

“I just bought LTP. I thought I already had a solid KW approach, however after using LTP, its extremely less hassle. Just think of keywords, input your criteria. Go for gold. No more importing, exporting out of google adwords with all those long named CSV files, + the projects organised on the side bar is simple and clear. Great work Spencer!”

Young Lee

“Not only is Long Tail Pro my number one niche research software, it’s my “go to” application before I write any individual articles. Since using Long Tail Pro, I’ve seen increased traffic from long tail keywords that I would not have otherwise discovered. More traffic has meant more earnings.”

Steve S.

As I would like to categorize myself as a newbie in this field, I would like to provide a review of Long Tail Pro in a Newbie’s point of view:
This is very easy and straight forward, I also got the update last night and it was fast as well.
User Interface:
I like the interface overall, things are easy to find. Even without reading the manual that was included in the installation, I was able to create my first campaign without a problem. I was able to search for some keywords, export to a csv file all in under 5 minutes on my first try!

I tried LTP on both my laptop and desktop (more powerful) and researched on the same keyword.

  • I like the fact that it can check domain name availability
  • Even researching for a very vague keyword, LTP still returns results on a decent time frame
  • I like the filter function where I can set min and max global/local search, domain availability and min/max CPC
  • I like the competitor analysis, it gives me very good information of the top 10 sites for the keywords you are analyzing.

“Overall, I like it! I am very satisfied with this tool and to tell you honestly, I am kinda addicted to it now. lol ”


“I purchased this Software yesterday and I found few ‘gold nuggets’ in a short time. Software processing is pretty fast and that “domain availability” feature is handy.”


“So I opened LTP today and see we now have a new version. Let me be the first to say… Awesome update! For those considering buying, you can now click the keyword and jump directly to the competition tab (HUGE time saver). I am still getting the hang of using LTP but so far, I’m very happy!”


“I have had the pleasure of running multiple projects through it now as well as using the competition analysis and rank tracking features, and let me just say this:

I have been building niche websites for a couple of years now and keywords are the foundation of this business. In my quest to find those perfect “golden nugget” keywords I have literally used every keyword research program on the market today and most online keyword research services, none of those other tools have not been as fast or as efficient as Long Tail Pro. Most other tools on the market limit you to the amount of data that you can analyze, or they take forever to load the data for those keywords, but Long Tail Pro seems to be running in overdrive. In less than a minute I can pull every single factor that I need to look at to make an informed decision as to whether a keyword is worth my time, it tells me if exact match domains are available and shows me the average cpc at a glance so that I have a much better idea of how much a specific keyword will make me.

I haven’t even mentioned the built-in Rank Checker! That alone allows me to cancel my $50/month subscription to my current rank tracking service and best of all, when I target a new keyword I just plug it right in to the software and everything for that new project is there in front of me.

What makes me even more comfortable with this program is that it was developed by someone that has built a small empire around niche websites. I have talked to Spencer on a personal level, I know that he is involved in this business and I know that he uses Long Tail Pro to build on his success. Why is that important to me? Because that means that Long Tail Pro was created with everything a niche marketer needs to be successful!

On another note, I can not believe how fast this program runs! When I was using Market Samurai, I could literally take a coffee break while the program was running, with Long Tail Pro, its done running before I can get out of my chair! lol I don’t know how he made is run so fast, because it pulls all of the same data that you would see in most other programs, but it is quick, which means more time saved for me.

I just got the program today and already have a new list of 20 low competition keywords to go after, that is money in the bank for me. I believe this is a true contender for being the BEST keyword research and analysis tool on the market and that is not something I have ever said about any other program.”

Patric Hebert

“I have tried out Long Tail Pro (LTP) and here is my review.

LTP has 3 main functions:

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Competition Analysis
  • Rank Checker

Here are some of the outstanding features:

  • LTP has a very simple interface and it is very easy to use.
  • you are able to enter multiple keywords at once (preferably up to a maximum of 5 at any one time) and you will be amazed at the speed it pulls the keywords from Google Keyword Tool.
  • you can filter your keywords based on ‘broad’ ‘phrase’ or ‘exact’ match, the number of monthly local and global searches and average CPC with ease.
  • the best part of LTP is that it is able to show you if the exact match or hyphenated domains (.com, .net, .org, etc) of the generated keywords are available. This feature alone is really a time saver. For those who want to build sniper sites, LTP will save you both time and effort.
  • the Keyword Competition Analysis feature shows you all the important factors (if keyword is in the meta Title and Description, number of backlinks to main domain and actual page, age of site, Page Rank, etc.) for you to decide if your new sites will rank easily on the first page of search engines.
  • if you want to check how your site is ranking for specific keywords, the Rank Checker feature will help you check up to 500 positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing search results with just a click of the mouse. What a time saver!

Overall, I really love LTP. I am extremely impressed with the speed it is able to gather all the important information I require to do a good keyword research. It helps me cut down my time and to decide quickly if I should build new sites on the newly found keywords. Most importantly, this software is developed and being used by a user who has already achieve great success in monetizing his hundreds of sites. I am assured he will constantly update LTP and make it even better.”

Sylvestian Yap

“Well, I was just soooo excited that this tool works on my Mac that I kept using it over and over. Thanks so very much! I love this tool!”

Linda Toque

“This software not only will save a lot of time but it will find great keywords….You will forget about micro niche finder or market samurai for sure.It so simple and straight to the point.The 2011 IM tool is here!”

Federico Flom

“Your new software is working great. I was able to purchase 3 domains, after 10/15 minutes including my time for analysis.

I calculate, these new domains will bring at least $2 a day, = $180 per month (min). I do adsense for a living and do well, I have tried niche reaper and IMeye and was not able to find something good or everything available was too expensive.

Now, I am “hooked” with your tool!”

Claudio –

Thanks so much Spencer! The software is working and it’s GREAT!!! (I think I already found a golden nugget!)

Anyway, awesome product and I love your website! Keep up the good work!!!


“I’m buying this mostly for the time I’ll save. I spent maybe 3 hours researching keywords and domains last weekend. I could have been building instead, so that’s a loss of income.

This will definitely pay off very nicely in a very short amount of time.”


“Spencer – Fantastic work on Long Tail Pro! I’ve been doing niche keyword research for over a year now with other tools and when I used LTP the other night for the first time, it saved me a TON of time – I’m sticking with it. Thanks for a SWEET quality piece of software.”

Jon Tomlinson – Orem, UT

“Keyword Research is my nemesis. For some reason it constantly scares me off. I just never felt like I could find a keyword that will be successful.

With the new tool I feel much more confident and I think this is really going to change the way I do my research. And hopefully it will change my results dramatically!

Thanks again for the help and guidance!”

Steve Eason – Portland, OR

“Your software can’t be the Cadillac of keyword software,because it is the Rolls Royce of keyword software! Thank You again, for writing such a great program!”


“I’m also loving the LTP software, multiple kw’s at a time is such a time saver! 🙂 ”


“Speaking of sites ranking, using your LongTailPro software i found a good keyword, built a site, got on page one in the search results, (in the tenth position), receive 45 visits a day, and got one click for $1.47 and two clicks at $2.50…all in two weeks!

Dude, sincerely….THANKS!”


“Hi! I’ve been using Long Tail Pro for a little over a month, and have been LOVING it! It’s really sped up my keyword research process, and I’ve found some real gems with it.”

Sarah Zammit Testa

“I have both but LTP is much easier to use. I barely use MS now. Well done Spencer!!!”

Ann Day

“Hi Spencer,
I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how impressed I am with LTP. I’ve been using it for most of the afternoon and it does a fine job. It’s so easy to use and it’s very fast. I know MS is one of your competitors, and I have that gathering dust on my hard drive. Your software beats it hands down.

Well done, great job.”

Stephen Duckworth

“Just wanted to drop you a line and say “Long Tail Pro” rocks. Been only using it a few days and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Super stuff.

Gordon Meagher

“LTP is turning out to be one the best investments I’ve made in the last 7 years of working full time online!”

Patrick Forbes


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