2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors

Saya sangat suka post-post MOz  yang macam ini. Memang best. Ramai yang lihat post macam ini malas nak baca.

We’ll dive into the data in a minute, but some of the key findings include:

  1. Page Authority correlates higher than any other metric we measured.

  2. Social signals, especially Google +1s and Facebook shares are highly correlated.

  3. Despite Penguin, anchor text correlations remain as strong as ever.

  4. New correlations were measured for schema.org and structured data usage.

  5. More data was collected on external links, keywords, and exact match domains.




 Anchor text

Anchor text


Maksudnya kalau kita buat anchor text tidak menjadi kesalahan kalau kita buat redirect anchor text yang panjang yang yang ada keyword dalam nya ke page lain. Ia dibaca sama dengan anchor text yang sama jenis


kalau keyword kita  perniagaan internet  > anchor text yang macam ini  maktlamat perniagaan internet

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